Regular Vacuum Cleaning

Dust and dirt wear down the fibers in your carpet. Place a welcome mat at your home’s entrances to avoid dirt. Regular and thorough vacuum cleaning in the direction of the pile reduces the dust level in your carpet. Best results are obtained when the carpet surface is dry. Most people are passing the vacuum cleaner over the carpet too quickly. No matter how high-powered the vacuum cleaner is or how strong the suction is, you need to pass it slowly over the carpet to pick up all the dust and dirt. Any type of vacuum suction is fine to use on our rugs and you may vacuum clean the carpet as often as you like. If you have a rug with fringes, be careful around the fringes, since it tends to get stuck in vacuums. To maintain a long lifespan of the fringe, try not to roll the vacuum over it. There are different types of vacuum cleaners. For the best result it is important to follow the vacuum cleaner manufacturer’s instructions.