Creativity & Innovation

Ragolle Rugs is a textile company in constant evolution. Our team is made up of highly educated and strongly motivated people. We focus on gaining in-depth knowledge of the needs of various markets. The unique identity of our customers is without a doubt at the centre of what we do. We create rugs with charisma and the colours in our rugs are tuned in a harmonious way.

As a flexible company, Ragolle is constantly striving for a balance between continuity, innovation and standardization. State of the art machinery guarantees a perfect manufacturing process. The looms are controlled with the newest technology. Our integrated finishing lines provide a unique ID-number to each rug, which guarantees full traceability.

Our in-house CAD department enables us to guide and support your project from concept to finish. Our own design team also works with international design talent with the aim of cultivating long term relationships and intensifying different influences. The symbiosis between research (quality and technology) and creativity (design and colours) lay the foundation for an economically relevant product.